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Invisible White Fillings

A filling is a very common procedure that restores damaged, decayed, or chipped teeth to their original strength. They fill the holes made by cavities, to prevent the decay from spreading, and the hole from getting bigger and damaging the tooth more. We use natural-looking, white composite resin fillings, so no one can see them, unlike amalgam fillings, which are darker. The composite resin colour is closely matched to your natural teeth. Composite fillings bond well to teeth, and are excellent for filling the smallest areas, so minimal preparation of the tooth is needed. They also are good for sculpting to restore chipped teeth to their original shape.
Why Have a New Filling?

Decayed Teeth or Damaged Teeth

If a cavity was discovered in your tooth during one of your regular dental visits, and you have not yet started to feel pain, you may wonder if you could put off or avoid the filling altogether. It is important to get a tooth filled as soon as possible, however. It will stop the cavity from getting larger, and the dental decay from spreading further. Without treatment, this spreading decay can cause infections and abscesses. Cavities weaken teeth, making them more vulnerable to damage or loss, but a filling will restore their strength. A critical reason is that, even if it does not hurt now, it will start to hurt severely if it is left untreated, and temperature sensitivity will increase. Eventually, you may require emergency treatment. Two common concerns that prevent people from getting treatment are fears it will be costly and painful.

  • New fillings are cheaper than leaving a decayed or damaged tooth untreated since leaving it will lead to greater oral health issues that are more expensive to treat.
  • The procedure is not painful at all. An anaesthetic is used, and afterward, there will be no pain; leaving a tooth untreated would be far more painful.
Aesthetically Suited

Why Get Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are tooth coloured for a beautiful, natural look. Composite fillings are aesthetically suited for filling front teeth invisibly; we ensure the composite material is closely matched to your existing teeth.

Composite fillings are sturdy and last for many years. Because they are molded onto your existing teeth, they are useful for more than cavities from decayed teeth. They can help with chipped teeth, broken teeth, worn teeth, and even closing space in a gap.

There are several advantages to composite fillings, compared to other types of fillings. Amalgam fillings, such as silver fillings, and gold fillings are less aesthetic with a darker appearance, so do not look as natural. There are also ceramic and porcelain fillings, but these need to be custom made and require a second dental visit. Overall, composite fillings are aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and easy and convenient for the patient.

Don't Delay

Need a Filling?

If you are experiencing a toothache, it is important to get it treated as soon as possible, so that it does not become worse, and create larger dental issues, or result in the tooth needing an extraction. We know some patients experience anxiety, but the procedure for composite fillings is easy and painless. It does not take a long time, and you can leave the dental clinic pain-free, with a beautiful smile.

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Consultation and Procedure

What to Expect

At Waterloo West Dentistry, we use tooth-coloured composite fillings, for a natural look, and ensure the composite resin is closely matched to your natural tooth colour. It also makes for an easier procedure for you. Your dental, oral, and overall health is our priority. With composite resin, we can treat and fill most decayed teeth, as well as repair and strengthen some worn teeth or broken teeth.

Consultation and Freezing

We start with a consultation to determine your treatment. A good colour match will be determined for the tooth coloured composite fillings material we will use. Then, we gently freeze the area, and remove the decayed or affected portion of the tooth.

Composite Filling Process

Next, we carefully clean your tooth to remove decay, and prepare it. An adhesive gel is used, then layers of the composite filling material are molded on for a perfect fit and shape. Composite fillings are excellent for their moldability.


The composite filling material is cured within seconds by an LED light. Your dentist examines the finished tooth, makes any adjustments, then polishes it. With good oral hygiene practices, these dental restorations should last for many years.

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