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Protect Your Child's Teeth

Regular Visits and Care

Regular cleanings and checkups by the dentist are important, even for primary teeth, or baby teeth as they are commonly known. Many people think that you do not have to worry about these teeth, as they fall out and are replaced by permanent ones. However, with poor oral hygiene, these teeth can become so heavily decayed that it can lead to a dental abscess and affect the permanent teeth underneath as well. Also, your dentist has a chance to check for other issues that may benefit from earlier treatment or orthodontics, and to ensure a child's oral hygiene is adequate.

Fillings and Restorations for Kids

Damaged or Decayed Teeth

Cavities in your child's baby teeth or permanent teeth should have a filling treatment. In fact, it's important to get the cavity filled as soon as possible. This stops it from growing and the decay spreading, weakening, and possibly infecting, the tooth. Filling procedures are not painful, and restore strength to a tooth. The decay is carefully cleaned out of the tooth to stop it from spreading, and then a filling is placed to restore the tooth. We use natural-looking white composite resin for fillings; the material is moulded on or painted on in layers, and hardened with a blue light. This makes for a much more positive experience compared to fillings that were done years ago.

Fillings in baby teeth are important, because if the tooth decay is left untreated, infection and decay can spread to permanent teeth or the jaw bone, and abscesses and infection from occurring. Additionally, if a baby tooth is prematurely lost due to abscess, your child could lose the space for the permanent tooth to erupt due to drifting of adjacent teeth into the empty space.

An anaesthetic is used to make the procedure more comfortable, and sedation such as laughing gas  is possible if you would prefer it for your child. Treating tooth decay with a filling prevents the cavity from becoming more painful. Left untreated, these can become dental emergencies that could cause swelling, pain, and fever for your child.

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For Patients of All Ages

Offering a Wide Range of Services

Our dental clinic offers a wide range of services to help children, teens, and patients of all ages. From regular cleanings and checkups, to orthodontics and treatment of dental emergencies, we can help the entire family. Our dentists are friendly and passionate about helping.

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We offer restorations of all types. Our natural-coloured composite fillings are good for more than just cavities, as they can also be used for chipped or broken teeth. We also offer crowns, and other restorative treatments. For orthodontics, we offer Invisalign aligners.

Whether you or your children have a dental emergency, are coming in for a surgery, or just having a regular dental visit for a cleaning and checkup, we will always try to make our patients as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We will discuss your treatment options with you thoroughly, so you understand them completely, and will answer all of your questions.

Referrals For Pediatric Dentistry

In rare cases, developmental issues may require a pediatric dentist. These pediatric specialists are specifically trained on early development oral health issues. We can care for your child's teeth in the majority of cases, with our wide range of child-friendly services, but we will refer your child to a pediatric dentist when specialized pediatric dentistry is needed.

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Care and Procedures Throughout Childhood

From First Visit to Adulthood

At Waterloo West Dentistry, we will make sure your child is comfortable and relaxed. Our child-friendly dentists are welcoming, and can make that first dental visit easier for a more positive experience. We offer a full range of dental and oral health services at our dental office, and prioritize preventative dental care. Prevention is important, which is why we also take time to educate kids and parents on good oral hygiene.

First Dental Visit and Preventative Care

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that infants are brought in for a checkup soon after the first tooth emerges, or by the first year of age. Checking your child's teeth early on helps your child get used to a dentist, and allows the dentist to check for any developmental oral health issues more preventatively.

Fissure Sealants

As part of preventative care, we offer fissure sealing, to help protect children’s teeth in areas that are hard to clean properly and therefore vulnerable to decay. Fissure sealants are a protective layer made of a clear or white material that is applied along the small pits and grooves of the tops of molars. The layer forms a barrier against debris and bacteria which can lead to cavities.

Orthodontics and Wisdom Teeth

We are still there for your kids as they get older. Many adolescents need braces or other orthodontic work to straighten teeth for better oral health, and we can refer you to an orthodontist. We perform wisdom tooth extraction surgery for older adolescents with an impacted wisdom tooth.

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation

For kids and adolescents who are anxious about their checkup, treatment, or surgery, as part of our service, we offer sedation. Sedation is safe for kids, and can make their dental care more pleasant, for a more positive experience. There are also no lingering effects from laughing gas, so your child can get back to their usual activities right away.

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