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If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, or a broken tooth, and need immediate dental care, Waterloo West Dentistry in the Waterloo area offers caring and high-quality emergency dentistry for the whole family. Whether you have had a sports injury or tooth decay that has developed into a more serious concern, such as an abscessed tooth, we will provide the same-day emergency dental assessment you need.

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Offering Emergency Dental Care In-House

We provide effective treatments and professional care in emergency situations. We have an emergency dentist in our Waterloo West Dentistry office, to provide the emergency care you need. We will put you at ease in our comfortable environment, and get you pain-free again right away. We always help emergency walk-ins and calls.

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Dental Emergencies

Our dental practice cares about your dental health and will provide emergency dental care as soon as possible for dental emergencies. Below are some situations that generally require immediate care.

Severe Toothache and Pain

If you have severe toothache or pain that is debilitating, or causing extreme swelling, call us immediately.

Dental Trauma

Knocked out teeth or teeth that have become loose, usually by an accident or facial trauma, need urgent care. If treated quickly enough, the tooth may be saved, preventing tooth loss. Crowns or fillings that have fallen out should also be addressed as soon as possible.

Broken teeth or dentures should be seen right away. If you have a cracked or broken tooth, it may expose the nerve endings in the pulp, which is very painful. A broken tooth can lead to dental infection in the root canals.

If there is something stuck in your tooth that cannot be gently and easily removed you should be seen right away to avoid causing more damage.

Infection or Abscesses

A heavily-infected or abscessed tooth or gums often causes pain, fever, and swelling. Left untreated, it may spread and can be life-threatening.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Severe injuries to your cheek, tongue, or lips, with excessive bleeding should be examined.

Symptoms of a Dental Emergency

Some symptoms to be aware of that may indicate a dental emergency is severe tooth pain, cracked teeth, swollen and inflamed gums or jaw, and fever. Excessive bleeding that does not stop, and knots on your gums or face are also key symptoms.

If you are in doubt, call us, and we will help.

Until Your Dental Emergency 
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If you let us know you have a dental emergency, we will fit you in as soon as possible to give you immediate attention same-day, to assess your dental condition and prevent further damage. However, in the meantime, you can make yourself more comfortable and reduce your severe pain with salt water rinses, using warm water, or a cold compress against the sore area to reduce swelling and reduce pain. Ibuprofen and salt water rinses can ease pain until you receive emergency dental care. A cold compress will also reduce pain and swelling.

Injuries inside the mouth and bleeding should be cleaned gently with warm water. Gauze can be applied with pressure to the wound.

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Transporting a Fractured Tooth Piece to Our Waterloo Dentist Office

For dental emergencies involving broken or fractured teeth, it is important to have the tooth treated as soon as possible, within two hours at the latest. Rinse your mouth with salt water to wash blood and food debris out, to keep the area clean and sooth the socket.

To preserve a tooth and increase the chances of saving it, rinse any dirt off with Hanks’ solution or saline. If it’s an adult tooth, put the tooth back into the socket.

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Prevention of Dental EmergenciesBeautiful Smile

Regular checkups allow for early detection to prevent dental problems like tooth decay, infection or gum disease, or treatment of these dental problems before they require emergency dental care. At Waterloo West Dentistry, we prioritize your oral health, and provide personalized care to ensure you have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

However, a dental emergency can happen at any time, so we are here, offering emergency dental services, including same-day assessment, to alleviate your tooth pain and give you the dental attention you need.

We try to save a tooth wherever possible, to avoid tooth extraction. Our expert dentists provide quality dental care for your teeth.

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Treatment of Your Dental Emergencies

Call us immediately if you have a dental emergency or suspect you might be having one. We will advise you on what to do and arrange an emergency appointment as soon as possible, if necessary. The emergency dentist in Waterloo West Dentistry will make you comfortable, then determine the best treatment plan with you. An X-ray or other diagnostic test may be conducted to ensure you receive the best emergency dental care.

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